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October 11 2018

Death Metal legends Cryptopsy continue their chaotic reign on “Fear His Displeasure”

I’m going to get this out of the way now to save time, it would be easy to write several pages discussing how important Cryptopsy is to me and the world of death metal as a whole. But I am mainly here today to premiere a new song called “Fear His Displeasure” so we’ll focus on that. The song comes from the band’s upcoming four-song EP, “The Book Of Suffering – Tome II”!

I’m decidedly in the camp of those who are still in love with Cryptopsy’s modern era as much as their storied past, which like all things Cryptopsy, engenders passionate for or against arguments among fans regarding every one of their releases. Suffice to say, the song we’re premiering today called “Fear His Displeasure” shows they’re still a band very much on top of their game after more than 25 years as a band.

True to form for Cryptopsy, “Fear His Displeasure” draws strength and eye-popping energy from unpredictable stop-on-a-dime shifts, merciless and absurd drumming, powerful unhinged vocals, spastic audible bass lines, an endless stream of razor-sharp riffs and angular leads, and as always, supported by a metric fuckton of downright nasty brutality every step of the way. Their prior offering on “The Book Of Suffering – Tome I” was good but I think Tome II is stronger thanks to the group testing the waters with more new ideas outside of merely operating within the signature Cryptopsy sound as expected. This is a trait apparent in flourishes throughout “Fear His Displeasure” and after listening to “The Book Of Suffering – Tome II” in full over thirty times by now, I can confidently state that the whole is very sick.

Whereas most of their original death metal wave peers have mellowed out or dropped far off in quality by now, “Fear His Displeasure” burns brightly with a palpable passion to its insanity that feels like a band still hungry to prove their place at the top of the death metal food chain. .

Track listing:
1. The Wretched Living
2. Sire Of Sin
3. Fear His Displeasure
4. The Laws Of The Flesh

Check out the new lyric video “Fear His Displeasure” here:


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