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November 14 2017

Pestilence welcomes Calin Paraschiv!

Due to personal circumstances guitarist extraordinaire Santiago Dobles (Aghora, Cynic) will not participate in future live-performances with/for Pestilence.
Santiago’s latest contribution are some excellent solo’s on Pestilence’s upcoming album “Hadeon” (coming in March 2018).
For now this ends Santiago’s involvement in Pestilence, but we would not be surprised if he will be a guest on any future recording.

So Pestilence welcomes Calin Paraschiv as their new guitarist. Calin hails from Rumania, and plays in another project (Necrovile) with current Pestilence drummer Septimiu Harsan.
He is not a starting musician, but someone who knows the drill for the last 25 years.

Patrick Mameli on Calin: “Calin is the right man for the job, a skilled and professional guitarist ready to tour across the world.
Rehearsing together with Septimiu is a big plus, so the choice was an easy one to make”.

This means Pestilence is more than ever ready to tour. 2018 will start off in the end of January with a 30 days+ old school set, under the appropriate name “Fight The Plague” tour.



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