Hammerheart Records


August 29 2017

Lyric video from Muert’s “Oler A Muert”

Hear Muert’s new song “Olar A Muert” on youtube here!

Necro black metal from Tenerife! Muert is the dirt under your finger nails, Muert is Sonic insanity, Muert reeks of corpses because they fuck them. Ugly Blackness with nekro-inspired old school thrash riffs, no room for melody or emotions… to the death!

In a world that focuses on the beautiful and more transcendent meditative sides of black metal it’s nice to have something that’s so in your face. The demented blasphemies of Muert blast forward one incredible burst at a time, tearing you limb from limb and reminding you of the soul rending madness that these artists have been able to tap into. Ye Canariae Abezan is the sound of a band satisfied, reaching into the darkest corners of the genre and pulling up wonderfully demented new twists and turns to charm the listener.



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