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August 24 2017

Kadaverdisciplin new song premiere “Death Supremacy”

Black metal from Västervik, Sweden aiming to go for the Black Metal elite with their debut album! Listen to the title song from the upcoming album “Death Supremacy” here:

Kadaverdisciplin was formed in Sweden, 2014 when guitarists Antti Kurvinen and Pelle Fransson (Zombified) joined forces with vocalist Jimmie Nyhlén (Blodsrit), all three originating from Västervik. Later on they recruited drummer Fredrik Widigs (Marduk, The Ugly) to complete the lineup. The songwriting process began with the aim to create modern black metal far superior to other contemporary bands in the genre. The focus lies on fast, straight-forward, aggressive, yet memorable songs with roots in traditional Scandinavian 90’s black metal, lyrically inspiried by death, darkness and destruction. The first single “Mother of Defeat” (mixed by Devo, Marduk) was released digitally in June 2015, followed by another digital song in 2016. The debut full-length album “Death Supremacy” was written and recorded for a late 2017 release. Expect nothing but the blackest of the black!

When Hammerheart Records heard a part of the recordings they could not believe what they heard. This is Swedish Black Metal, in the vein of Marduk and Watain, but on a level that most bands will never ever achieve, and if they do it takes them at least 3 albums to get anywhere near! Expect a total killer album, in songs, in structures, in performance, in attitude and in philosophy/artwork. It is indeed “Death Supremacy”, nothing to add here!

Kadaverdisciplin is:
Jimmie Nyhlén – Vocals (Blodsrit)
Antti Kurvinen – Guitars
Pelle Fransson – Guitars (Zombified)
Fredrik Widigs – Drums (Marduk/Nordjevel/The Ugly)


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