Hammerheart Records


December 2 2016

Tarnkappe stream their entire new album

As a perfect Black Metal soundtrack for this winter; Tarnkappe’s new album Winterwaker! Cold, grim and frozen… but it has all the trademarks of a classic to be, reminding us of how good early 90’s Black Metal, but still sounding like it is 2016!

This will freeze your veins and is a mandatory check if you like: Darkthrone, Kjeld, MGLA, Burzum. The band is streaming the album in full right now. Take a listen below:

Tarnkappe – Winterwaker CD € 9,90
Tarnkappe – Winterwaker LP (Ultra Clear Vinyl) € 14,90
Tarnkappe – Winterwaker MC (White Tape) € 5,90

Tarnkappe – Winterwaker Digital € 4,90


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