Hammerheart Records


November 18 2016

Hammerheart Records to officially re-issue Sacrilege’s remaining legacy from the 80’s!

After Relapse Records re-issued 1985’s “Behind the Realms of Madness” we talked to Sacrilege if it was possible to do 1987 “Within the Prophecy” and 1989’s “Turn Back Trilobite” albums.

Both albums were originally released on Under One Flag, the sub division of legendary Music for Nations and have never been legally re-released after their original releases.

“Within the Prophecy” saw Sacrilege move away from their punk/crust roots to a more thrash metal approach, and “Turn Back Trilobite” took a few steps further and become more doom metal orientated.
Both releases have a real and stand out sound, something unique, even holding their ground firmly in 2017!

Hammerheart Records is aiming to get a full re-mastered sound for both, the vinyl re-issues will be kept close in track listing and artwork to the original, while the CD versions will be looked upon and possibly feature bonus materials, depending of what the band can find in their archives.



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