Hammerheart Records


September 16 2016

Tarnkappe to release “Winterwaker” this december!

As a perfect Black Metal soundtrack for this upcoming winter Hammerheart Records announces the second full length by Dutch Black Metal band Tarnkappe.
The album is cold, grim and it’s frozen… but above all it has all the trademarks of a classic to be, reminding us of how good early 90’s Black Metal, but still sounding like it is 2016!

As a follow up to their 2014 debut “Tussen Hun en de Zon” (already an excellent release), Tarnkappe now surpassed all expectations. This is one of the best black metal album yet from Dutch soil!

This will freeze your veins and is a mandatory check if you like: Darkthrone, Kjeld, MGLA, Burzum.


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