Hammerheart Records


June 21 2016

New drummer Sammath

Sammath replaces long time drummer, Wim van der Valk (Inquisitor) joins, work on new album continues!

Drummer Koos Bos has been a part of Sammath for over 10 years, but due to personal reasons the captain of the Sammath ship Jan Kruitwagen decided time had come to move forward.
Koos and Jan decided to part on friendly terms, and Koos’s insane, extreme style will be missed.

After 2014’s “Godless Arrogance” live performances became in demand, but were not yet delivered, so on the road to a new Sammath album (expected in 2017) the time to switch the drummer’s position was now.
New to the Wolfpack, Sammath welcomes Wim van der Valk, a very experienced drummer within metal’s more extreme circles, having been the drummer for Inquisitor for over 25 years, and performing in the past with Centurian and Occult.

Expect Sammath to crush you even harder in the future, no prisoners to be made!


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