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June 9 2016

Old Lady Drivers Re-issue news

After a longer process of going through all files James Plotkin and Alan Dubin have digged up all materials to make the “Old Lady Drivers” re-issue the ultimate version in various formats!
James did a full process on analyzing all audio, making it sound just great! All artwork is re-used, processed, spiced up with photos, flyers, lyrics. A release date is set for October 2016 and keep an eye on pre-order starts in September 2016… some of the formats will go quick…

The following editions will be available:

A: Regular LP: the “Old Lady Drivers” LP as it was, only the audio is top notch this time, 180 gram vinyl, not limited

B: Picture-LP: the “Old Lady Drivers” LP as it was, only the audio is top notch this time, limited to 500 copies

C: Deluxe-2-LP: includes the album on LP #1 and all the bonus on LP #2, 180 gram vinyl, limited to 500 copies

D: Limited deluxe hardcover CD: album plus all bonus available , all bonus on separate 2nd CD, limited to 1.000 copies

E: Regular jewel-case CD: album = “Old Lady Drivers” + 3 7” tracks, not limited

F: Cassette tape: album side A, all bonus side B, limited to 300 copies

There will be two T-shirt designs available as well.

Material to be heard:

Main Album
01. Total Hag
02. Corpse Full of Gunk
03. Supermarket Monstrosity
04. Lepers Without Feet
05. Tracheotomy Peashooter
06. Wisdom Lost
07. Cocaine
08. Die In Your Beauty Sleep
09. Special Olympics
10. I Laugh As I Chew
11. Colostomy Grab Bag
12. Feeding The Worms
13. Old Ladies Always Break Their Hips
14. Bathrooms Rule!
15. Screaming Geezer

Split 7″
01. Rape, Carve, Smoke
02. Urine Love
03. Grrramps

Total Hag Demo 1988
01. Old Ladies Always Break Their Hips
02. Total Hag
03. Corpse Full Of Gunk
04. Special Olympics

Rehearsal Demo 1988
01. Kicking Pigeons
02. Old Ladies Always Break Their Hips
03. Total Hag
04. Special Olympics
05. Screaming Geezer
06. Die In Your Beauty Sleep
07. Old Ladies Always Break Their Hips
08. Special Olympics
09. Screaming Geezer
10. Supermarket Monstrosity


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