Hammerheart Records


April 19 2016

Hammerheart Records announces worldwide deal with Brazilian Black Metal Legends MYstifier

Last year Hammerheart Records re-issued “Wicca” and “Göetia” by legendary Brazilian Black Metal master Mystifier.
Mystifier, one of the bands from the Golden Era of Brazilian/South American Black/Death Metal that should be mentioned along side Sarcofago, Blasphemy and Beherit,
Mystifier have earned their place in the history of extreme Metal and thousands of fanatics worldwide know this.
Although they obviously always walked their own Unholy path…

With pride we announce phase #2 in our co-operation with Mystifier!
During this year (autumn) Mystifier will tour Europe as support to Inquisition and Rotting Christ and we will re-issue ‘The World Is So Good…” on digipack 2-CD and LP for this occasion and a live album!
The future will also bring a full demo Compilation and in 2017 and completely new album!

So all in all Mystifier and Hammerheart Records team up worldwide for the upcoming years and will contribute to make each other stronger and bigger.
Like a pact made between the Devil and his accomplices!


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