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January 14 2016

Collision pre-orders online

Pre-orders for the new Collision album “Satanic Surgery” are online now! Release date is february 19th 2016.

Collision – Satanic Surgery CD € 9,90

Collision – Satanic Surgery LP (Limited Neon Orange/Black Haze Vinyl) € 13,90
Collision – Satanic Surgery LP (Neon Orange Vinyl) € 12,90
Collision – Satanic Surgery Die-Hard Bundle (CD, LP, T-Shirt etc.) € 29,90

A fast, frantic and aggressive crossover between grindcore and thrash metal!

Now onto their fourth full length album entitled “Satanic Surgery”, the Dutch grindcore/thrash metal outfit Collision brings you again a dirty alcohol fueled aggression thrill ride right from the very bowels of the abyss! Fast, frantic and short songs that pummel and punish are repeatedly battered out into your ears at an unrelenting rate of knots, caring little for your sanity as they rip your senses a new one! Possibly more intense and guaranteed to mosh up any metal, grindcore, and hardcore-punk crowd Collision now step up and kick your ass!


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