Hammerheart Records


December 19 2015

Hammerheart presents Taphos Nomos!

Last release of the year: the debut of USA’s new death/doom/black metal attack: Taphos Nomos! These first Taphos Nomos recordings called “West of Everything Lies Death” with a bonus track as a limited edition digipack-CD!

Listen to the opening song “Pyroclastic Flow (Hellbent On Destruction)” below:

Pre-order here!

Currently Taphos Nomos is recording its new album, so as an eye opener these first recordings needed to be presented to the scene. These songs are guaranteed to make water boil and crucifixes melt when unleashed upon our world. A deadly mix of classic Death Metal, tinged with elements of Doom and Black Metal.

Their offering entitled “West of Everything Lies Death” is a text-book example on how to make your entrance felt in the underground metal scene without batting an eye. Check this one out if you like Autopsy, old Anathema and Incantation.



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