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October 2 2014: Full album streaming from Tarnkappe

Have an exclusive listen to Tarnkappe's latest release, 'Tussen Hun En De Zon' at Zero Tollerange Magazine here!

'Tussen Hun En De Zon' will be available later this month on CD, LP and digital. Exclusive packages will also be available. Pre-orders are taken now!

Harsh and intense Black Metal from the Netherlands. As a small country, the Dutch are far from doing poorly when it comes to their contribution to the black metal scene, in fact on the contrary... They have more than enough bands with the potential to rise above and no longer remain unnoticed. 'Tussen Hun En De Zon' (meaning "Between them and the Sun" in English) by Tarnkappe is yet another release that proves the Dutch quality-approach in full, this release might even totally take you by surprise! Considering this band consists of Lugubre, Kjeld and Salacious Gods members among others, Tarnkappe surpasses those bands easily!

If you enjoy your Black Metal with an organic, natural sound, Tarnkappe should be at the top of your list. It's almost as if they are a Dutch version of Arckanum, but this would not be wholly justified considering what Tarnkappe have achieved here and they are original enough to have their own sound. This is because of the vocals, that sound like a pestiferous being desperately crying out its tormented hymns, complemented very well by the musical arrangements, with a harsh yet clear production! A hypnotizing, gloomy setting that makes this release sound ritualistic and captivating.

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